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"We live in a world that moves by fast. We grow up quick. Become adults. And get caught up in the chaos of life. Under the Lights is a photo series created as a way to remember to slow down, smile, and reconnect with our childlike wonder & enthusiasm." - Paul Schlossman


Under the Lights is a photo series that reimagines sports history through our toys. The idea was inspired by how I imagined my childhood sports figurines looked while playing with them; under stadium lights, twilit skies, and realistic as possible. 

Each photo is shot outdoors to produce the most authentic look of athletes playing under stadium lights at twilight.

The backdrop is purposely minimal, symbolizing what flow state looks and feels like for athletes. No fans. No crowd. No distractions. Just calmness, focus and the stillness of the moment.

Each photograph is meant to be calming & nostalgia evoking. A reminder to slow down, smile, and reconnect with our childlike passions & enthusiasm.

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Hi, I’m Paul.

I’m a sports enthusiast, junk wax collector, Seinfeld fanatic, animal lover, and photographer.

After 15 years working in marketing research, I pulled an MJ and left my promising career to pursue my childhood passion.

I live in Minneapolis, MN with my dog Haddie.

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Many of my photographs capture street scenes during blue hour. Whether it a walk-up ice cream parlor, mid-century modern motel sign, or a 75 year old neighborhood staple, I try to draw out the life and vibrancy, yet quite solitude that blue hour brings us.  Rooted in relics of the past, the photographs often have a nostalgic feel and aesthetic.

I also shoot conceptual photography, often inspired by sports history & pop culture, I try to create surprising juxtapositions and perspectives that enhance the story of the subject matter.

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